Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fran Becker He Fights for US!

When the Nassau Democrats raised property taxes 42%...

Fran Becker stood up for us and voted "NO".

When Nassau Democrats increased spending by $894,589.913...

Fran Becker stood up for us and voted "NO".

When Nassau Democrats imposed an onerous assessment system that automatically raised assessments - as well as school taxes, county taxes and local taxes - every year...

Fran Becker stood up for us and voted "NO".

When the Nassau Democrats wasted millions on 232 patronage jobs...
Fran Becker stood up for us and voted "NO".

For 10 years, Fran Becker has voted against every tax increase and wasteful spending increase in Nassau County.

Now, we need Fran Becker in congress to say "NO" to Nancy Pelosi and her ultra left-wing political agenda.


SEPTEMBER 14, 2010

Frank Scaturro is intentionally lying about Fran Becker's strong record against wasteful spending and high taxes.

That's because Frank Scaturro is trying to divert attention away from the fact that prior to running for congress he was a major Washington insider.

For years, Frank Scaturro was a chief policy advisor and counsel to liberal U.S. Senator Arlen Specter who bolted the Republican Party and became a Democrat so he could support Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi's agenda.

Frank Scaturro is not a "Ronald Reagan Republican". Frank Scaturro is a "Arlen Specter Democrat".

That's why Fran Becker has been endorsed by:
Congressman Peter King
Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano
Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray
Senator Dean Skelos
Senator Chuck Fuschillo
Senator Kemp Hannon
The Nassau County Republican Party
The Conservative Party of New York State

Frank Scaturro learned how to double-cross the Republican Party from Arlen Specter.
Like Arlen Specter, Scaturro is a Benedict Arnold
Frank is not the Endorsed Republican Candidate.